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How to use tips:

  How can I edit MP3 tag?

  How can I edit multiple MP3 tags at once?

  How can I edit tag for multiple MP3 files?

  The advanced features for editing MP3 tags.

  How can I add my MP3 files to the program?

  How can I change MP3 tag?

  How can I add my WMA files to the program?

  How can I change WMA metadata?

  How can I create M3U playlist with my MP3 files?

  How can I create M3U playlist with my WMA files?

  How can I generate M3U playlist?

  How can I create PLS playlist?

  How can I generate PLS playlist?

  How can I search of lyrics for my audio files?

  How can I get tags from Internet?

  How can I use ANSI characters on audio tags?

  How can I use my national characters on audio tags?

  How can I synchronize ID3v1 or ID3v2 tags?

  How can I use tag filters?

  How can I generate tag from other tag?

  How can I generate tag from filename?

  How can I generate filename using tag information?

  How can I edit artwork on my audio files?

  How can I edit lyrics on my audio files?


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  A professional-level MP3 Tag Editor

  M3U Playlist Format

  PLS Playlist Format

  FreeDB support: receive tag information

  Supported WMA/MP3 tags

  Automation of operations with your audio files using templates

  Templates List

  Supported ID3v1 tags

  Supported ID3v2 tags


Mp3 Tag Assistant Professional

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      Differences between Mp3 Tag Assistant Professional and Standard

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  Music Tag Editor


      Awards and Reviews



      Purchase through ShareIt.com

  Direct Audio Converter & CD Ripper

  Direct MIDI to MP3 Converter

  Abee MP3 Duplicates Finder

Technical Support:

  Report Bugs in the Program

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Online Help:

  Welcome to Mp3 Tag Assistant Professional!

  Mp3 Tag Assistant Features

  How to Buy Mp3 Tag Assistant

  Getting Started

    Starting Mp3 Tag Assistant

    Program Interface

      Standard Mode

      Batch Mode

    Step-by-Step Instruction

      Standard Mode

      Batch Mode

    Minimum System Requirements

    Install New Interface Language

    Supported ID3 Tags

    Keyboard Shortcuts


    Edit the Main Tags

    Edit Winamp Tags

    Edit the Original Tags

    Edit Internet Tags

    Edit Commercial Information

    Add and Edit Comments

    Add and Edit Lyrics

    Clear Tags

    Generate Filenames from Tags

    Generate Tags from Filenames

    Copy/Move Files

    Change Attributes

    Create M3U/PLS Playlists

    Create TXT/CSV/XML Filelists

    Save the Changes

  How to Use

    Edit ID3v1 or ID3v2 Tag Only

    UNICODE Encoding in the Program

    Add to Selection List


    Actions Set

    Methods of Reading and Saving Tags

    Editing Tags

    Renaming Files

    Generate Tags from Filename

    Export to CSV, TXT and XML Files

    Playlist Generator

    File Operations

    Automatic Action Log


    Manual Sorting Mode

    Drag and Drop

  User Interface



    Actions Set Dialog

    Performing Actions Dialog

    Settings Dialog

    Change Interface Languages Dialog

  Additional Information

    Order Online

    Free Registration

    Unregistered Program Limitations

    End-User License

    Technical Support

    Getting Program Updates

    Installing and Uninstalling

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