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You can easily create playlists and keep them in any directory.

A playlist it is a list of musical files stored in a text file. You can open a playlist and play the files which are saved in it. The M3U playlist format it used by practically all media players. Playlists do not store any music data; only filenames and track info (time, artist, album...).  

You can keep only the selected files or all files at once. In the options of the program you can choose a format for the playlist (m3u or pls). It is also possible to use expanded or simple formats. You can also choose how to save the file names. Relative formats or full formats can be used.

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M3U playlist format

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PLS playlist format

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Relative format.

The relative format of the name of a file will be saved in relation to the folder of a playlist.  
For example: "album\track1.mp3"  
This format is convenient for using when there is a probability that the album might be moved to another folder, hard drive, or onto a CD. Thus the relative arrangement playlist and tracks files should be kept, so you can always use the playlist, regardless of where you have created the album.  
Full format.

This is the full name of the file, including all folders.  
For example: "C:\My Music\track1.mp3"  
You should use this format when your collection is always on one disk and in constant folders. If you copy the playlist, together with the tracks, onto other drives (or a CD) the names of files will change, also the playlist will not be playable.  
How to use?

·Select the necessary folder in the Folders Panel. You can show/hide this panel by pressing button on the main toolbar.  
·Add Action "Create M3U/PLS Playlists" to the Action List. This Action is added by pressing button on the Action List toolbar and selecting the "File Actions | Create M3U/PLS Playlists" from the drop-down menu. You can show/hide Action List by pressing button on the main toolbar.  
·Input a playlist name. You can use filename without extension, because this will be added automatically.  
·Select playlist types and parameters. More information...  
·Perform Actions. It can be done with the button on the main toolbar.  

You can use a tab "Playlist" in the Standard Mode also.

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