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Mp3 Tag Assistant Pro


· Mp3 Tag Assistant Pro

Professional-level MP3 WMA M4A OGG FLAC APE TTA tag editor with UNICODE support, PLS/M3U playlist generator, XML/TXT/CSV filelist generator, web search for lyrics and album information.

· AudioConverter Studio

Simple-to-use converter that allows you to convert audio files between various audio formats and rip CD audio tracks directly to MP3, WMA, WAV, OGG, FLAC, Monkey's Audio APE or MusePack MPC.

· Music Duplicate Remover

Specialized program for search of duplicates in MP3, WMA, OGG, FLAC, APE, and MPC audio files.

· Music Tag Editor

Simple-to-use tag editor that allows you to change tagged information about your MP3/WMA music files. Quickly change music filenames, create PLS/M3U playlists and even add lyrics to your music files, with full UNICODE support.

· MIDI Converter Studio

Simple-to-use converter that allows you to easy convert MIDI and KARAOKE MIDI files to MP3 format.

Mp3 Tag Assistant Professional 2.94 Testimonials, Reviews and Awards

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Driaan Jansen (registered user) wrote:

"Thanks for the program! It beats constantly changing my own code in VB to change the filenames (when the info layout in the filename changes). I've never invested time to look for a tag active-x, so you're saving me VB programming time. Really a nice program - very nicely laid out interface and very flexible in specifying parameters. Must say, the best of 4 programs I've tried when it comes to flexibility in converting filename to tag information - able to exactly create my own mask without any restrictions. The other programs only allowed one, and at the most, two break parameters. And then they don't even work if you for instance need a space to separate tag info fields at a specific place, but not throughout the whole string."

Herman Klein Nagelvoort (registered user) wrote:

"I really love the program, it helps me to retag all of my favorit music on my iPod Photo...... I have a lot of Lp's and cassettes to put on the computer and re-tag! This program saves me a lot of time and trouble"

Curtis (registered user) wrote:

"I have been a registered user of Mp3 Tag Assistant Pro for quite some time now. I really must say that this was one of the more useful purchases Iíve made in software as it has saved me countless hours organizing my music!"

Jeff Wilson (registered user) wrote:

"I have tried many different tag programs and I have yet to find another program that even comes close to what MP3 Tag Assistant Pro provides. The batch mode capabilities makes tagging a large number of files a few click couple minute process. Your program has saved me huge amounts of time, something that none of the other tag programs I evaluated could come close to doing. Can't think of anything that your program is missing that I would want in a tagging program. A most excellent and essential tool for anyone that wants to quickly fix all the tag in their mp3 library once and for all. Kudos."

User review (Download.com) about Mp3 Tag Assistant Pro:

"Absolutely Great! Did exactly what it's supposed to do with ease! Wizard is helpful for learning the program. VERY smart auto tag generator and filename generator. Ease of Use is great. Excellent and easy to Navigate Interface. Customizable Presets for your favorite Options. Can do entire albums/folders at a time..."

Free Downloads Center review:

"When you need to change the tags of many music files, get this tool to manage all your mp3 tags. With this tool you can edit your mp3 tags virtually. These changes can be later saved by the program into files. It also allows you to generate tags for filenames and folders using templates. It is very easy to rename your music file names and then save it the way you like along with all your favorites collection. The interface provides various functionalities. It supports multiple languages. There is a wizard which can help you edit your mp3 files. It supports almost all OS Windows and works well with any file types. You can set the Actions option in order to enable it to sort a large number of mp3 files. Operations with music files is made simple and automated with this excellent Mp3 Tag Assistant."
  Softpedia Clean Award.
  4-cow rating by Tucows editors.
  Editor's Pick at FreeTrialSoft.com.
  Editor's Pick at File Trial.
  5/5 stars on Biz2Consumer.com.
  5/5 stars on IverTech.com.
  5/5 stars on MostShareware.com.
  5/5 stars on CoreDownload.com.
  4.5/5 stars on GeekFiles.com.
  5/5 stars on FreeTrialSoft.com.
  5/5 stars on HuntFile.com.
  5/5 stars on FreshShare.com.
  4/5 stars on SoftChecker.com.
  5/5 stars on BlueChillies.com.
  5/5 stars on SubmitFile.com.
  5/5 stars on SoftLand.com.
  5/5 stars on EXEFiles.com.
  5/5 stars on Shareware River.
  5/5 stars on Sofotex.com.
  5/5 stars on SoftAward.com.
  5/5 stars on BestSoftOrder.com.
  5/5 stars on SharewareIsland.com.
  5/5 stars on HotSoft32.com.
  5/5 stars on Daolnwod.com.
  'Smart Award' on Smart Downloads Network.
  5/5 on Top Shareware.
  5/5 on Soft for All.
  5/5 on Share Up.
  5/5 on Brother Soft.
  5/5 stars on Download 3000.
  5/5 stars on Shareware Connection.
  4/5 on Global Shareware.

Buy Mp3 Tag Assistant Professional now! MP3 tag editor, WMA metadata editor, M3U playlist generator with batch operation and UNICODE support.

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