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This dialog allows to create and change the Actions Set.

For opening this dialog you'll need choose item "Options | Actions Set Settings" in the main menu. This window will be open:

The dialog consist of two parts:

·(1) The list of accessible Actions Set. The list contains Actions Set accessible on the given computer.  
·(2) The list of Actions from the selected Actions Set.  

Select/Add a Actions Set in the list (1) and add, delete and move Actions of this set in the list (2).

Each part of dialog has the toolbar:

·(1) Creation of a new Actions Set. After pressing this button dialog for input properties of a Actions Set will be open.  
·(2) Removal of the chosen Actions Set.  
·(3) Editing properties of the selected Actions Set.  
·(4) Mark the selected Actions Set: "Use as default". The default Actions Set is added by means of key F6 or pressing button on the Main toolbar.  

·(1) Addition of new Action to the selected Actions Set.  
·(2) Removal of selected Action from the selected Actions Set.  
·(3) Moving the selected Action in the current Actions Set up.  
·(4) Moving the selected Action in the current Actions Set down.  

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