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PLS playlist format

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What is a PLS playlist format?

PLS is a computer file format, also generally known to humans as a playlist. It is now supported by many applications, including Mp3 Tag Assistant Professional and Music Tag Editor.

The syntax of a PLS playlist file is the same syntax as a Windows .ini file. Metadata is included in the entry for each song, in a set of parallel arrays where FileN=[address of file]; TitleN=[title of song].

PLS playlist sample

   File1=C:\My Music\Pink Floyd\1979---The_Wall_CD1\1.In_The_Flesh.mp3
   Title1=Pink Floyd - In The Flesh
   File2=C:\My Music\Pink Floyd\1979---The_Wall_CD1\10.One_Of_My_Turns.mp3
   Title2=Pink Floyd - One Of My Turns

Explanation of entries:

   “[playlist]”: Signifies that this is a PLS playlist. This is case sensitive.

   “File#=”: Location of the file in any of the formats described above. This is also case sensitive. Also the # sign after "File" signifies what file number it is. The first file in the playlist is "File1", the second is "File2" and so on.

   “Title#=”: Title to display. This is usually the title read from the file name or ID3 tags. Like the other fields, this is case sensitive. This also can be the name of a stream. Like "File#" the pound sign (#) is replaced by the entry number that is in the PLS playlist.

   “Length#=”: Length in seconds, this is also case sensitive. On the last entry there is a negative one, this is usually seen on streams, it tells the program to ignore the time entry. Like "File#" the pound sign (#) is replaced by the entry number that is in the PLS playlist.

   “NumberOfEntries=#”: The total number of entries in the playlist. This should match the last number on the "File#", "Title#", and "Length#" fields. Also case sensitive.

   “Version=2”: This required entry near the bottom tells the player what format the PLS is in. Older versions of the PLS playlist format did not include this. Like everything else, it is case sensitive.

How to create a PLS playlist?

You can use for creation the PLS playlists these our programs: Mp3 Tag Assistant Professional and Music Tag Editor.

These programs support PLS playlist; simple M3U playlist; extended M3U playlist; quickly append new data to existent playlist. Read more...


How can I create PLS playlist with my MP3 files?

How can I generate PLS playlist?

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