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Mp3 Tag Assistant Pro


· Mp3 Tag Assistant Pro

Professional-level MP3 WMA M4A OGG FLAC APE TTA tag editor with UNICODE support, PLS/M3U playlist generator, XML/TXT/CSV filelist generator, web search for lyrics and album information.

· AudioConverter Studio

Simple-to-use converter that allows you to convert audio files between various audio formats and rip CD audio tracks directly to MP3, WMA, WAV, OGG, FLAC, Monkey's Audio APE or MusePack MPC.

· Music Duplicate Remover

Specialized program for search of duplicates in MP3, WMA, OGG, FLAC, APE, and MPC audio files.

· Music Tag Editor

Simple-to-use tag editor that allows you to change tagged information about your MP3/WMA music files. Quickly change music filenames, create PLS/M3U playlists and even add lyrics to your music files, with full UNICODE support.

· MIDI Converter Studio

Simple-to-use converter that allows you to easy convert MIDI and KARAOKE MIDI files to MP3 format.

Mp3 Tag Assistant Professional 2.94 Localizations

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On this page you can download additional languages for the interface of Mp3 Tag Assistant Professional and Music Tag Editor.

The following languages are available at the moment:


 Mp3 Tag Assistant / Music Tag Editor versions


  Czech  2.94 / 2.0  Oldbrowser
  Spanish  2.93 / 1.61  Santiago Isern
  German  2.91 / 1.61  Stefan Wurzinger
  Italiano  2.84 / 1.61  Andrea Marzella
  French  2.7 / 1.3  Francis McCarthy
  Russian  2.7 / 1.3  Ivan Petrov
  Korean  2.5 / 1.1  Braun

 If you could not find the necessary interface language in this list, you can try translating the program interface into the language you need. It is advisable for this language to be your native language or for you to have a good command of it. More info...

You can get additional information if you send us a message to the following address: .

The language file installation procedure

  1. Download language file and save it to hard disk.
  2. Run our software.
  3. Select Main menu item "Options\Install New Interface Language".
  4. Choose the saved language file and press the button "Open".
  5. Press the button "Yes" on the opened dialogs for restart the program.
The language file installation procedure is described in On-line Help, topic "Install New Interface Language".

Instruction on creating language files

Please, note:

  • Do not use the version of the language file that was distributed along with your copy of the program. It probably lacks some new text lines that should also be translated. You can download the latest version of the language file by clicking this link.

  • Read the instruction about translating language files carefully (in the default language file).

  • Attention! Language files in the UNICODE encoding are used in the program. To edit such files, you can use the program Notepad from Windows 2000 or XP.

  • Send your language file to the address of the technical support in the company AssistantTools.com: . After the check you file will be published at our site.
You get its registration key absolutely free of charge. More info...

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