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Mp3 Tag Assistant supports the multi language interface.

If you could not find the necessary interface language, translate it from English yourself! Details…

Download and Install new interface languages

You can download an additional language file with the interface in the language you need. Available languages are presented on this page .  
For installation of the loaded interface language will choose item "Options| Install New Interface Language" in the main menu. Specify the loaded file of interface language and press the button "OK". This window will be open:  
Press "Yes" button if you want select new interface language now. The "Change the Interface Languages" window will be open.  

Change interface language

For change interface language of the program will choose item "Options | Change Interface Languages" in the main menu. This window will be open:  
In this window will choose the interface language necessary to you and press the button "Change Language". For change of the interface restart of the program is required.  

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