Unregistered Program Limitations
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The unregistered program has some limitations

·You will be able to evaluate the features of the program only for 30 days beginning from the moment of installation. After this period is over, the functional part of the program will not start any more. You will be able to use it only after the registration.  
·You can edit only 15 files (this restriction is activated after 10 trial days of work of the program).  

After you register the program, all the limitations will be cancelled.

A registered user gets the following additional advantages

·All limitations of the unregistered version are cancelled.  
·Technical support.  
·Upgrading to new versions 2.xx of the program absolutely for free! For example, upgrading from version 2.0 to version 2.1 will be free.  
·Upgrading to new versions yy.xx of the program with a 50% discount! For example, upgrading from version 2.4 to 3.0 won't be free, but possible with a 50% discount.  
·The opportunity to purchase our other products with a discount.  
·The opportunity to get free beta versions of our product.  
·The automatic subscription to our company's news (with an option to unsubscribe).  

To register the program - click this link!  

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