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Congratulations on choosing Mp3 Tag Assistant - the editor of mp3 tags, playlist and filelist generator and music file manager.

Mp3 Tag Assistant is a convenient and effective program for performing various operations with music files, such as mp3, wav and others. Using this program, you can easily perform operations with lists of music files, the program is particularly optimized for working with large file lists.
Using Mp3 Tag Assistant, you can easily edit the tags of separate music files.

Mp3 Tag Assistant has all tools necessary to quickly edit the tags of separate music files, as well as unique features for editing large file lists. The program makes it possible to maximally automate the process of editing tags and other operations with music files.


·two interface modes: Standard mode and Batch mode.  
·UNICODE symbols in mp3 tags.  
·Windows 9x, ME, NT 4.0, 2000, XP, 2003 Server.  
·batch tag editing, file renaming and etc.  
·quickly tag editing, file renaming and etc.  
·custom Action Sets.  
·more 35 mp3 tags.  
·ID3v1 and ID3v2 mp3 tags.  
·multi line comments and lyrics.  
·file filters and mp3 type filters (ID3v1 or ID3v2).  
·multi languages interface.  
·drag and drop.  

Mp3 Tag Assistant Professional

Effective MP3 tag editor with UNICODE support, playlist (M3U, PLS) and filelist (TXT, CSV, XML) generator with batch mode.


Music Tag Editor

Easy-to-use MP3 tag editor with UNICODE support, playlist (M3U, PLS) and filelist (TXT, CSV, XML) generator without batch mode.


Mp3 Tag Assistant allows you to:

·Edit mp3 files tags. You can put directly into mp3 files such information as the song title, album, artist, composer, Internet address and a lot more directly into mp3 files.  
·Edit and add your comments to mp3 files.  
·Generate filenames using the information from tags using templates.  
·Generate tags from file and folder names using templates.  
·Generate M3U and PLS playlists.  
·Generate TXT, CSV and XML filelists.  
·Copy/Move original and result files.  
·And a lot more...  

Mp3 Tag Assistan can work in two modes:

·Standard mode.  
·Batch mode.  

If you are new to Mp3 Tag Assistant, please see "Step-by-Step Instruction".
For more information about Mp3 Tag Assistant features and capabilities, see "Mp3 Tag Assistant features".
For an introduction to the Mp3 Tag Assistant workspace, see "Mp3 Tag Assistant user interface".
To get started with Mp3 Tag Assistant, see "Getting started".

How to get help while you are working with Mp3 Tag Assistant
You can obtain help at any time by pressing the F1 key or by using the features described below.  
Some windows contain a Help button. Click the button to see information about the purpose of the window and how to use the controls within it.  

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