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There are several ways to add files to the Selection List:

·Method #1 – adding the contents of a folder. Select the folder files from which you want to add and press the "Add all files to Selection List" button () on the Folder Panel toolbar.  
·Method #2 – adding separate files. Select the necessary files from the selected folder at the File Panel and press the "Add selected items to Selection List" button () on the File Panel toolbar to add these files to the Selection List. Double-clicking the left mouse button will also add the selected file to the Selection List.  
·Method #3 – adding all the files from the specified folder. Press the "Select the folder to be added" button () on the Selection List toolbar.  
·Method #4 – dragging files to the Selection List using your mouse. Click to more information...  
·Method #5 – using Wizard. Click to more information...  

1. You can add files from various folders to the Selection List.
2. It is possible to add the files with subfolders. Open the menu of the "Add all files to Selection List" button and will choose "Add with subfolders" item.

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