Supported ID3v1 tags
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Supported ID3v1 tags

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What is ID3v1 audio tags?

ID3v1 is tag format of many types of audio files (MP3, MPC (MusePack) and other).

It is the oldest standards. It is a set 128-byte tag at the end of a audio file. The format supports 30 character entries for title, artist, album, comment, four character for year and genre entry. ID3v1 is pretty much universally supported by all MP3 and audio players, including most hardware players. ID3v1 also can be edited in most players.

ID3v1 supports ANSI tag only. You must use the other version of ID3 tag: ID3v2 if you want to use UNICODE tag (diacritic symbols, umlauts, hieroglyphs, etc).

Mp3 Tag Assistant Professional support the all ID3v1 tag fields. You can see the tags list below. You can use these tags at tag editing, tag operations, tag generation from filename, and etc. You can synchronize ID3v1 tag values and ID3v2 tag values on your MP3 files, change and clear ID3v1 tags only.

The list of ID3v1 tags supported by our software

Tag name Description
TitleThe 'Title' tag is the actual name of the piece (e.g. "Adagio", "Hurricane Donna").
ArtistThe 'Artist' is used for the main song artist.
AlbumThe 'Album' tag is intended for the title of the recording from which the audio in the file is taken.
YearThe 'Year' tag is a numeric string with a year of the recording.
CommentThis tag is indended for any kind of full text information that does not fit in any other tags. You must use 30 characters on the comment only. You must use ID3v2 tag format if you want to use more characters on this tag.
TrackThe 'Track number' tag is a numeric string containing the order number of the audio-file on its original recording. You can use the numbers only on this tag. You must use ID3v2 tag format if you want to use track number as 'Track / Total track'.
GenreThe 'Genre' tag is used for the song genre. You must use ID3v2 tag format if you want to use custom genre for your audio files.

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