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The Actions allows you to change attributes of files. It can be performed before or/and after the actions modifying filenames or tags:

·Change attributes original files.  
·Change attributes result files.  
The Action is added to the Action List by pressing the "Add the Action" button () on the Action List toolbar and selecting the "File Actions | Change attributes result files." or "File Actions | Change attributes result files." from the drop-down menu. Action can also be added from the main menu of the program.

The Actions can be added to the Action List only once.

This window will be added to Working Panel:

This window consist of following elements:

·(1) The file attributes.  
·(2) The file data and time. Press "Set current data and time" button (3) to add current system data and time to input fields.  

The files are copied/moved according to the chosen methods of reading and saving tags.

1. All operations with items in the Selection List are performed virtually, i.e. without automatically saving the changes to the files on your disk. For saving of changes you should perform Actions. It can be done with the button on the Main toolbar.

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