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All Actions in the Action List are applied to the items in the Selection List taking into account how the latter is sorted. There are various ways to sort items in the Selection List, including sorting by filename and by all tags.

There is also a mode for Manual Sorting in the program.

Toggling the mode is done by pressing the button
on the Selection List toolbar.

You can move the selected items up or down in the Selection List using the Manual Sorting mode (the buttons
and on the Selection List toolbar).


If you want to rename files with use of number of a file you should make:

·Select the necessary folder in the Folders Panel. You can show/hide this panel by pressing button on the main toolbar.  
·Add all files from this folder to Selection List. It can be done with the button on the Folder Panel toolbar.  
·Using Manual Sorting, move files as it is necessary to you.  
·Add Action "Generate Filenames from Tags" to the Action List. This Action is added by pressing button on the Action List toolbar and selecting the "File Actions |Generate Filenames from Tags" from the drop-down menu. You can show/hide Action List by pressing button on the main toolbar.  
·Create templates for renaming. Use a variable <File number>.  
·Perform Actions. The files will be renamed before performance of Actions. It can be done with the button on the main toolbar.  

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