How can I edit tag for multiple MP3 files?

  1. Run Mp3 Tag Assistant Professional or Music Tag Editor and add necessary MP3 files to the Selection List. Read more...

  2. Mark multiple MP3 files in the Selection List.

    Hint: you can use the standard Windows keyboard shortcuts: Ctrl+A, Shift or Ctrl with mouse click.

  3. You can use the button "Select All" and button's drop-down menu if you want to edit all MP3 files on the Selection List (see Figure 1). You can use a mode "Change All Items" also (see Figure 2).

  4. Using 'Select All' button and menu for edit multiple MP3 files
    Figure 1. Using "Select All" button and menu for edit multiple MP3 files

    Using a mode 'Change All Items' for edit multiple MP3 tag
    Figure 2. Using a mode "Change All Items"

  5. After marking MP3 files in the Selection List, you can edit MP3 tags for these multiple files. Enter your text into a input field for the necessary MP3 tag. The entered text will be applied to all selected files.

    Hint: the Selection List instantly shows the virtual image of tag changes.

    You can use drop-down combobox menu (see Figure 3). It's the menu contains all tag values for the selected MP3 files. Using this menu you can apply existing value to current tag for multiple MP3 files.

  6. Using existing value to tag for multiple MP3 files
    Figure 3. Using existing value to tag for multiple MP3 files

  7. You should click on the "Save" button for save the changes to multiple MP3 files.


You should use "Tags Editor" to edit MP3 tags. The Tags Editor may be hidden. Press the "Tags Editor" button on the toolbar to show his.

Use Tag Editors for edit MP3 tag
Figure 4. Use Tags Editor for edit MP3 tag

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