The templates: automation of operations with your audio files

What is the templates? The templates is a special word which corresponds to the certain tag or file attribute. The template should begin with a symbol '' and end with a symbol ''.

Templates samples: ‹Artist›, ‹Title›, ‹Track #›, ‹Filename›, ‹Filesize›, ‹MPEG Layers›. View the full Templates List.

Using templates you can easily rename files, copy and move files, import tags from other files and WEB, create playlist and more.

Our software: Mp3 Tag Assistant Professional and Music Tag Editor allow to use templates for these operation with your audio files:

You can create some templates beforehand. For this, open a program Settings dialog and select "Templates" item (see Figure 1). Our programs are installed with several templates. You can use them as examples for creation of the new templates.

Using templates!
Figure 1. Settings dialog

You can use the specified templates in different windows of the program. For this, press the 'Insert template' button (see Figure 2), the Insert template window will open (see Figure 3). Select template and click the 'Insert' button.

 You can double-click on template for insert this template also.

Using templates!
Figure 2. The 'Insert template' button

Using templates!
Figure 3. The Insert template window

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